Mortal Sins Part 5: Wrath

By PT Dilloway

It’s all over the news that morning: Millions Stolen From Local Bank. My picture is on every news network in Rampart City. The entire police force is beating the bushes to find Seth Reimer.

They’ve already searched my apartment without finding anything. Of course they wouldn’t; I’m in the Financial District at the Rampart Arms Hotel registered under the name Theodore King. The accompanying driver’s license and passport I took from one of the safe deposit boxes at the bank.

As I devour a room service breakfast that cost my weekly salary at the bank, I go over the plan in my mind. All I have to do is wait until tonight and then I can lure her out. The three knives made of black crystal sit on the comforter of the bed. Despite how warm the room is, the knives remain ice cold. That seems weird, but they are supposed to be magic knives.

I take apart my .38 revolver to make sure it works. I clean it again, as I did for eight years before my shift at the bank. I never had to fire it all that time. Tonight I’ll finally get the chance.

The time goes by so slowly. I watch TV for a little while. Later, I try out the hot tub in the suite. That gets my muscles nice and relaxed. I’m so relaxed I’m able to take a nap on the king-size bed. I dream about Mandy the hot teller doing a cheer while I gut the Scarlet Knight. Then Mandy leaps into my arms—

The alarm goes off at nine o’clock. It’s time to get ready. I dress in a black sweater and black jeans I retrieved from my apartment before the police could raid it. That looks appropriate for what I have to do tonight. I tuck the knives in the waistband of my pants for easy reach. The revolver I stick in its holster, which I cover with a Rampart City Knights warm-up jacket. The bulge will probably be visible to anyone who looks closely enough.

I’m down on the street by ten. I’m not sure where to go. It doesn’t really matter. All I need to do is get the Scarlet Knight’s attention. That means I have to commit a crime, something I’d never done until last night.

There’s one of those ubiquitous Korean markets at the corner. It’s still open at this time of night. That seems as good of a place to start as any, though it might be too penny ante for the mighty Scarlet Knight.

I walk inside and browse the racks like a customer. There’s no one inside except the clerk, an old man I could probably snap over my knees like a twig. I grab a couple bags of chips to take up to the counter. As the clerk rings them up, I slip the revolver from my pocket.

The old man hardly flinches. He’s probably had this happen dozens of times before. He puts up his hands in surrender. “You have a silent alarm?” I ask. He nods. “Press it.” He stares at me, not understanding. “Press the alarm, idiot.”

He finally does it. There’s no sound, but the look of terror on the old man’s face is enough to indicate he’s hit the button. “I’d suggest you get down. This is about to get messy.”

To keep calm, I eat some of the chips I brought up to the counter. It’s a race now to see who shows up first: the Scarlet Knight or the police. If it’s the police I’ll have to shoot it out and then hope I can make a run for it.

Luck is on my side. The Scarlet Knight gets there first. She comes through the front door like a normal customer. The gold sword is already out of her belt. “I’d suggest you drop the gun, Mr. Reimer,” she says.

“Looks like you have me at a disadvantage,” I say. I lean the gun over the counter. “Except I can spray this old man’s brains all over the floor before you get me. Drop the sword.”

She drops the sword to the floor. I know she can get it any time she wants. All she has to do is think it and the sword will jump right off the floor into her hand—or into me. She’s not going to do that, not yet; she’ll wait until she thinks she has me distracted to move.

“Why don’t you tell me what you’re doing here, Mr. Reimer? With the money you stole last night, you don’t need to hold up a convenience store.”

“Maybe I was just hungry.”

“I doubt that.”

The bitch’s voice is flat, calm. She knows I can’t hurt her with the gun. The only danger is to the old man. That’s what she thinks. “Maybe I just wanted to meet you. I didn’t get a chance to thank you for getting me demoted.”

“I’m sorry about that, Mr. Reimer. Why don’t you put the gun down and we can talk about it?”

“It’s too late for that. You ruined me. Now I’m going to return the favor.”

“I don’t think you want to do that. You don’t want to hurt that man.”

“You’re right,” I say. I hold up the gun. Then I smile at her. I slide my left hand down to my waistband while the right holds the gun out at her. “I don’t want to hurt the old man. I want to hurt you.”

I squeeze off three rounds. Like in the bank, they deflect into the ceiling. Just like I predicted, she comes at me with one of her kung-fu moves. As she’s about to lay me out with a roundhouse kick, I stab the knife into her right side.

The Scarlet Knight screams. She crumples to the floor, where she lies at my feet, at my mercy.

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