Mortal Sins Part 2: Green with Envy

By PT Dilloway

I’m trapped in the bathroom with an armed lunatic. So far he hasn’t seen me, but it’s only a matter of time. I wait for him to leave, but then I hear the sound of a zipper. There’s a sigh followed by the faint trickle of liquid.

I slip out of the stall, making sure not to slam the door. The guy must have been holding it for a couple of hours because he’s still at the urinal. His sighs and groans cover the sound of my footsteps on the tile.

I pistol whip him with my gun. That gets him to his knees. I have to hit him two more times before he’s sprawled on the floor. I take off the mask, to see some scrawny boy who can’t be more than seventeen. No wonder he was such an amateur.

I tuck the revolver back in my holster and then take the AR-15 in both hands. I’ve never used a machine gun before, but it can’t be that much more difficult. It should at least solve the problem of aiming.

I take a few deep breaths and then start my way down the hall, into the lobby. As I get closer, I can see people down on the floor. One of them is Mandy. She’s got tears in her eyes as she lies with one cheek pressed to the tile. This sight is enough to make my whole body burn with rage. These bastards are going to get what they deserve for doing that to my girl.

The window by the loan department shatters. There’s a blur of something gold-and-red. Then it vanishes. “What the hell was that?” someone shouts.

I see another of the orange-clad thieves hurry across the lobby. A few seconds later he flies back the way he came. What the hell? I think at the same time one of the thieves says it.

“Someone’s in here!”

“Let’s go!”

They run for the door, sacks of my bank’s money over their shoulders. I hurry down the corridor and raise the rifle. It’ll be easy enough to pick them off at this range—

There’s a flash of gold and just like that the barrel of the AR-15 is gone. I stare at the weapon for a second before I drop it to the ground. I just about pee my pants to see a golden sword hovering inches away from me. It’s got a curved blade and a longer hilt, like one of those samurai swords.

I try to snatch it out of the air, but the thing is red-hot. “Jesus Christ!” I shout from the pain.

The thieves stop and turn to face me. “Shit, man, it’s just some candy-ass rent-a-cop,” one says. He hefts his AR-15. I reach for my revolver. It’s like an old West showdown.

Except neither of us gets a shot off. There’s suddenly a redheaded woman between us. She wears red plate armor with a gold cape, gloves, and boots. The thief with the AR-15 pulls off a burst. The bullets meant for me hit her square in the chest. By all rights she ought to fall over full of bloody holes, but she doesn’t. The bullets actually ping off the armor to deflect up into the ceiling.

The woman moves faster than anyone I’ve ever seen to yank the gun out of the thief’s hand. She executes a series of moves that would make Bruce Lee shit his pants to knock both guys to the floor. She stands over them for a second to make sure they’re unconscious. Then she turns to face me.

The sword that’s been hovering next to me lights away to whiz into her outstretched hand. The woman tucks the sword into a red-and-gold-striped scabbard. “Are there any more of them?” she asks in a surprisingly normal voice.

I point towards the bathroom. “There’s one in there.”

She nods. “The police are on the way. Keep the thieves here until they arrive.”

As if I don’t know that already. As if I were planning to let the guys who robbed my bank just walk away with the money. “I’ll do that,” I grumble.

She nods to me again and then walks out the front door. I rush across the lobby to see her hop on a red Ninja motorcycle. Soon enough she’s gone.

“Holy shit!” Jim says. “That was her! I thought she was just some dumb story the news made up, but she’s fucking real.”

I help Mandy up to her feet. I hope she’ll lean against me for a hug, but she just stares at the door like everyone else. “Wow! Can you believe it? She’s so awesome!”

Mr. McCardell yanks me into his office. “Reimer, what the hell was that? We aren’t paying you to let thieves just waltz into the bank.”

“I’m sorry, sir. I was only gone for a few seconds—”

“You’re lucky that woman showed up. Otherwise it’d be your ass.”

“But I got one of them. If I’d had more time—”

“Can it, Reimer. Get your ass out of here. Starting tomorrow, I’m putting you on nights.”


“Be lucky you have a job at all.”

“Yes, sir.” I make my way past the cops, out of the bank. Everyone’s still talking about this Scarlet Knight on my way out—even Mandy. My fists clench and again I burn with rage. I could have stopped those thieves, but no, she had to butt in to take away the moment I’ve trained eight years for!

I don’t care how long it takes, I’m going to find her and then I’m going to embarrass her.

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